My Inner Groove

Patcha Pangatungan
3 min readOct 21, 2020

When people ask me about what my favorite songs or genre in music, I always don’t know what to answer. I just say that whatever I feel liking on that specific time or whatever the popular songs are would be my go-to music for that time.

But upon checking out the recommendations made by Spotify, I realized that I really have a certain liking to music. I guess I just don’t realize it often but I listen to several songs from specific genres like Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Folk, Reggae and Country music. It eventually dawned on me that I just love how chill these songs are which also in a way can make you dance your heart out, albeit not on a party/disco type level. These are songs that I can just listen to anytime, when I’m happy or sad, while travelling or when I usually ride my bike.

The daily mixes recommended to me grouped the songs of the bands/singers which I usually listen to or other songs which may be similar in genre. The daily mixes actually help in finding out new songs since I don’t usually subscribe to artists. I don’t know the new songs for different artists or the popular songs they have before. I’m not like other people who really search and listen to all songs on the new albums released and have a wide knowledge in music. I also don’t know a lot of songs and artists so I really just rely on what is being fed to me.

Upon drilling down on artists I follow or listen to, what I also like is the ‘Fans also like’ option. As I’ve mentioned, I really am too lazy to type and search artists, their songs and albums, in Google/Spotify/Youtube since I don’t know much and what/who to search. The ‘Fans also like’ option helps because it shows the list of artists who may be similar to the one I recently listened. Through this, I’d be able to just click here and there and listen to the music of these related artists which I may or may not like.

All in all, I may not be able to answer only one song or artist when someone asks me what my favorite songs or who my favorite artists are since it’s changing from time to time, but one thing’s for sure, I know deep in my heart the genre or feel of the songs I love listening to. My inner groove would be something that is chill and light to the heart, songs that exudes freedom and peace.

If you have any songs to recommend that you think may be related to my liking, I would love to hear these new songs to listen to!

For now, here’s one of the recent song I discovered which is on repeat for a week now: