Back to Basics: Executing different commands using Command Line and Spyder

I. Introduction to the Command Prompt

  1. ACCESSING COMMAND PROMPT. On the search bar of your Start Menu, type cmd and click the Command Prompt to launch it
Accessing Command Prompt via search bar
Current working directory in Command Line and GUI
  • cd Documents
Moving to Documents directory
  • dir
List of files and directories on the current working directory
  • cd ..
Going back to previous directory
FTW in Documents
  • cd Documents\FTW
Accessing directories by writing the path
  • cd ../..
Going back two directories at once
  • mkdir medium\blog
  • ren hw Tableau
  • ren “9 tab 1.PNG” 9tab1.PNG
  • copy 9tab1.PNG 9tab1.JPEG
Hitting Tab to fill-in directory names
Successive hitting of tab will change the next directory name following alphabetical order
Hitting tab is a shortcut especially if you have long directory names
Navigating to the Root
  • help cd
  • print(“Welcome to Python Basics”)
  • x = 23
  • y = 45
  • z = x+y
  • import pandas as pd
  • df=pd.read_csv(‘survey_results_public.csv’)
  • df.shape




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