Robots. Self-driving cars. Emotion and Image Recognition. Smart cities.

There has been quite very interesting developments in the field of technology and computer science during the previous years. One key factor that drives the success of the advanced technologies people are working on are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For the past decades, humans have created machines that can do specific and pre-determined things automatically or with the control of human hands and minds. Now, as humanity has evolved, learned and discovered several aspects of reality, there is now a race in understanding human intelligence through AI by creating something…

When people ask me about what my favorite songs or genre in music, I always don’t know what to answer. I just say that whatever I feel liking on that specific time or whatever the popular songs are would be my go-to music for that time.

But upon checking out the recommendations made by Spotify, I realized that I really have a certain liking to music. I guess I just don’t realize it often but I listen to several songs from specific genres like Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Folk, Reggae and Country music. It eventually dawned on me that I just…

Before doing data analysis, it is important to prepare, clean and explore the data to better help you reach quality insights.

For our exercises on Exploratory Data Analysis, we were tasked to create a storyline for the insurance dataset given to us.

It is always important to check the types of the labels so we will know how we would handle the data based on its kind .As we can see on the general information of the dataset by calling, dataset has 7 columns with datatypes either int64, object or float64.

By calling the describe() function, we are given…

To be a data scientist, one must learn programming.

There are a lot of programming languages out there and yes, it is good that one knows how to code in different programming languages, may it be Python, Javascript, R, C, etc. but it is rather overwhelming to also study all of these.

To aid in our data science journey, we were taught one of the most popular and easy to learn high-level programming language: Python.

Upon doing the exercises and assignments for our data science class, I learned to appreciate Python. There are a lot of functions, libraries and packages…

Word cloud from

Data Science is everywhere.

Data science has been exponentially growing in the last couple of years and the number of companies adopting data-driven measures to further improve their businesses rapidly increases.

Now, given the limited and basic knowledge that I have regarding Data Science, let’s answer some questions that will help us think and learn more once we’re studying Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis on FTW’s next bootcamp session. Here are the questions presented to us,

In your opinion:

Discuss the relevance of Statistics in the field of data science. Why do we need to have sufficient knowledge of Statistics…

A reticulated python

When I was a kid, I had a close encounter with a venomous snake at our doorstep. I was just watching a few people who were cutting the grasses around our house when a snake slithered into our main doorway. When the snake curled itself on a corner of the cabinet a few feet away from me, I stood on top of our sofa stunned, scared and at the verge of crying. Luckily, the people who were cutting the grass came to the rescue and unfortunately killed the snake with their blades.

Well, in this blog, we’ll not be dealing…

I was wondering before why we were asked to write a Medium blog on the code along of our assignments.

After writing my first medium blog yesterday on Command Line and Spyder, I realized that through writing a blog of how I did the coding step-by-step, I learned and understood more on what I did and what I was writing about. I realized that this is actually a good practice (especially if you have time) — to write about how you did something and explain the step-by-step process instead of just doing it and coding along with some videos which…

It has been 2 years since I last laid my hands on coding.

My last memory of coding or programming was crawling my way through graduation by finishing my thesis on comparing several machine learning methods and creating a sort of new one by combining these methods in order to get an analysis of the solar panel parameters which can be used in improving its efficiency.

Even before that grueling experience, I also had several years in my undergraduate degree coding several projects using C, SQL, HTML, Matlab, MPLab, etc. I finished all of these courses albeit not with flying…

Patcha Pangatungan

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